July 10, 2015

Moving On to new Things

Moving On to new Things

Hey guys so I recently have for various reasons moved on from my previous employment largely for greener pastures. However, I’m hoping to post out some of my most recent, completely publishable, work that our team put together.

Some of it was better than others however, lets just say we were pretty happy with a lot of it and the stuff sold like hotcakes at our conference we held. Needless to say we were getting orders for more prints like a madhouse and it made a nifty profit. However, it also solidified our style greatly and it’s my hope that it would turn Affinity24 into the beast that I think it totally could become. Trust me when I say it’s in good hands.

So in lieu of not posting EVERYTHING it’s my hope that I could be able to post maybe some of it today.


Payment Processing-01 Mag Strip-01 Perfect Storm Infographic-01

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