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I loved working at Cornerstone for the brief time that it was but what I loved probably the most was the fact that I got to do so much cool stuff with Affinity24. Not only did they have a pretty awesome color scheme but they allowed me to branch out and experiment in their branding with flyers, motion graphics, and even some Cinema 4D. Good times.

I also designed the website in conjunction with the web development team.

Cornerstone Payment Systems

Getting ready for EMV one step at a time

Most of the work that I did for the Cornerstone brand itself came in the form of inserts or in some cases direct work on logos. Specifically, I was very proud of the rework on the Core Donate logo considering that it seriously needed help. Besides that I also did some concepts for work on Pro Life Processing which turned out nicely. We had a couple other really cool items that were rolled out as well such as our product sheets and Hattori Hanzo shears campaign.

Justice for All

embodying image of justice = difficult

This particular piece of work was branding or re-branding for a Non-Profit company called The Justice School who had been working on developing preventing sex-trafficking. Currently they are hoping to build up a base in Thailand due to it’s heavy human-trafficking trading. Developing the branding for them was difficult however, I did finally settle on a logo and branding for them that I thought would work while not straying too far from they’re current logo. While our class was given the task of doing a re-brand on them I don’t think that our logos will ever see the light of day which is lamentable due to the fact that they had a very noble cause with a very atrocious website and branding to begin with.