Demo Reel 2016

out in the real world … well sort of

Had a lot of projects this past year and a heck of a lot of fun doing them. Some of them ranging from ones I did on my own to ones I did at work to ones that were long term projects such as Armoin. Almost all of them however, were doing using After Effects to one degree or another. Something about that flat styled animation that can be achieved using motion blur in After Effects is just awesome. Still, got a long ways to go although I love the progression of Armoin within the video.

Demo Reel 2015

getting to learn what I love

Part of this last semester of school was spent learning Cinema 4D which was quite the experience. While I had been adapting to learning animation over time while I was at school what I didn’t realize was how time consuming and also rigorous the program was. However, not only was it rigorous on me but my computer. Having to think 10 steps ahead knowing that you might have issues in a particular area or taking into account 2 day long renderings could really tend to make for interesting problems. However, most of the hard work paid off in the end in learning the program and now most of what frustrated me before has become an enjoyment. If I ever have a full-time job working in 3D again that would be my dream. Once I went 3D it was hard going back.


 every great story is born through hardship

This was a concept video animation that I decided to do for an idea that I had for a video-game. Most of it would work around the idea of travelling up to the top of this tree so to speak and as a result it would be a pikmin meets journey kind of game. Much of it wouldn’t have dialogue but rather simple body language that would then be endowed into telling the character’s lives. This particular girl in the story is named Nizana which means “buddy flower” in hebrew and she is a part of the race of Cateri a sort of humanoid-caterpillar species that lives at the bottom of this giant tree. As the game progressed your character would travel up the tree until at the end they would reach the zenith or top of the tree. There would be minimal combat and more or less sneaking around so to speak but also quite a bit of the game would be a visual cornucopia.

Angel Arm

say hello to Sarif Industries

I decided to make a fan video of a sort of commercial for a Sarif-Industries product of they’re robotics. Part of me while playing through the game Deus Ex: Human Revolution was how real the situation, robotics/augments, and the corporations seemed. While I wouldn’t say that this is an exact replica which, I don’t think I can do yet, I had a lot of fun making this and the challenge of trying to make a realistic arm that you could really believably use. I spent a good deal of the night using Loft Nerbs to get this to be shaped just right and I’m glad it turned out nicely.


 for all you Vader haters we’ll blow your planet up

Always have been a huge Star Wars fan. Trust me when I say you’ll lose at Star Wars Trivia Pursuit for the original movies. But as far as this was concerned just a little fun screwing around with various C4D things. Yeah Gargantua is in there and in all honesty that is what took me the longest. But it worked out in the end still and I loved listening to the Imperial March soundtrack.


a shy robot that doesn’t come out of his shell

I made Chicklet with the idea that he was a robot who didn’t come out of his little designed shell very often and that he often would get scared of nearly anything. The hardest part of this was probably at the end having to articulate all the various parts since moving a robot is different than moving organics in Cinema 4D. Still, I enjoyed it quite a bit and loved how it turned out.