re-designing what clarity means

For one of my major design classes we had to do a redesign for a real client with real needs for re-branding. While we weren’t at liberty to change the logo, and the actual branding, the bottle itself was in a dire need of a redesign. Not that the look itself suffered but the bottle had an eclectic look that our benefactors wanted to remedy. Gladly we obliged and here before you are my designs for the bottle in it’s many shapes and sizes.


Fēnghuì chá

For my Advanced Design class we had to come up with a real world loose leaf Tea Can design. Not only was this design a competition among forty other students for a real employer but the story behind it was special.The tea is aptly named due to the fact that the tea is actually organically grown and

hand picked from mountainous ridges from a remote undisclosed area in China. Being part Chinese I felt it my duty to bring the heritage of the past designs with the clean and stark red’s and blue’s of the future. It was a fun design to build from the bottom up.