House Band Adventure

building UI for games

I was looking to jump onto the games bandwagon and eventually I managed to start off with this game. I enjoyed it a lot and and especially love the iteration process of making and trying out different styles. One valuable thing I did learn however, was that keeping in a particular theme can be difficult.

A New Mobility

a look at mobile user interfaces

At the time of it’s creation this particular piece had been ruminating on my mind for some time. However, it was done around the same time that mobile markets suddenly became remarkably much more flat so the design has not carried as easily.

A Digital Circus of Value

adding Bioshock to tip calculators

So while I was working on my ideas for a tip calculator a genius idea came over me to make something Bioshock themed. At the time I had been playing Bioshock Infinite and it was such a hearkening back to what made the previous games so great. While I was able to get the calculator into a working stage I knew I would never be able to publish it largely due to copyright issues (especially in the case of the audio) and some minor issues with coding. I got a lot farther in the Android Studio than I thought I would though.