Sea Nymph

a Urban Outfitters catalog for sea lovers

For one of my classes I was given the task for making a clothing catalog for the coming season for a particular clothing brand. For our year it was to be in the taste of Anthropologie. For myself I branded mine as Urban Outfitters and wholly enjoyed the entire process. I shot a great deal of it at my friend Tim’s house and for the most part it was hard cobbling together all the various pieces to make it work but once I did it worked wonderfully. Great thanks to everyone who participated as it was simply amazing being able to work with everyone and get the job done.

Desert Shots 2013

a trip to the desert with friends

Around the fall of 2013 I was able to go with a bunch of friends out to the desert for some awesome bonding and also some great photography. Primarily it was a lot of my school friends and some of my profs. Needless to say we had one heck of a good time and I really feel like I got a ton of experience behind the camera working on various types of shots. Currently, were planning to do another desert shoot this 2015.